Are you looking for other ways to be a nurse?

Whether disillusioned by the profession, burnt-out after years of practice, or forced to find something new due to illness or injury, Change of Shift can help you find other ways to be a nurse.

It may feel like you’re trapped in a career, with a degree that narrowly defines how you can work. But that’s not the reality.

image of letters RN over an ekg in a heart


Making a Change of Shift means different things to different nurses. For some, it means simply moving to another department or facility. For others, it requires a total career change.

Here at Change of Shift, we focus on utilizing the professional AND personal interests, knowledge, skills, and passions acquired over a lifetime to craft a business that perfectly suits you.

Whether you have previous business experience or not, you CAN make a change of shift building your nurse-owned business.

Are you ready to make your Change of Shift?

You don’t have to stop being a nurse!

Many nurses have succeeded at being a nurse on their own terms, as business owners.


image of Christy Hendricks who helps nurses find other ways to be a nurse

Christy Hendricks, RN


My name is Christy. I’m a registered nurse, and just like you, I was searching for other ways to be a nurse.
By the time I burnt out, I had already spent so many years within my NICU specialty, it seemed there was nowhere else to go. After what felt like an eternity, I finally found my way in online business.


Now I help nurses find other ways to be a nurse, outside of traditional hospital and healthcare settings.

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