work from home nurse entrepreneursMany nurses find themselves at a point in their career when they know they need to make a change.

Some know they can build a better mousetrap or dream of starting a health coaching business. For others, advancement may be elusive, or a specialty isn’t so special anymore, prompting them to consider options outside of what they’ve always known.  Many simply burnt out.

Change of Shift serves nurses just like you, looking for ways they can use their knowledge and skills to build their own business.

Hi! I'm Christy

I’m a registered nurse, and just like you, I reached a pivotal point in my nursing career.

I completed my nursing studies in San Diego, CA and am a seasoned registered nurse. I have practiced in neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, maternal-infant care, home health, medical aesthetics, fitness and nutrition, and community education. 

image of Christy Hendricks, RN
Christy Hendricks, RN

I loved working with my patients, but after a while, the stress of the profession took its toll. By the time I burnt out of clinical practice, I had already spent so many years within my NICU specialty, it seemed there was nowhere else to go.

 So after 21 years of clinical practice, I struck out on my own as a nurse entrepreneur, creating digital products for the employee wellness industry, as well as direct-to-consumer wellness courses.

I founded Change of Shift to let business-minded nurses know they’re not alone, and to pass on what I’ve learned about business and marketing in the online world.

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