Builders are in the early stages of business development

They’re usually about 1-3 years into the process. The Builder nurse entrepreneur has a defined niche and a validated audience, and product/service.

This nurse may or may not have a website, email subscribers, or a social media following.  It’s possible she may have a few customers or clients.

Building is the primary focus at this stage: a social media following, a website, a subscriber list, a product or service, and a customer base.

The Builder seeks education and resources needed to build the foundations of her business. She also needs reassurance that she’s “doing it right,” as the beginning stages can feel as though the message can’t get beyond the doorstep, and customers will never come knocking. Trial and error are frequent companions of the Builder.

The Builder has yet to start, or is in the process of:

  • Establishing the language, tone, and message needed to connect with their audience
  • Building a consistent brand identity
  • Creating foundational content: text, graphics, audio, and video
  • Building a social media presence and following
  • Attracting email subscribers and growing a responsive list
  • Building a website

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


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