Building a Strong Social Media Presence

Building a Strong Social Media Presence

In very short order, the new nurse entrepreneur will need to set about building a strong social media presence.


Doing so will mean the difference between launching with a rapidly growing fan base, or languishing with only Mom and your best friend waving your flag. The key is to start out with a good foundation and an effective strategy. This article will cover the basics of building a strong social media presence and developing a plan to gain an engaged fan base.

We’ll do that by concentrating on 3 important elements:

  1. The Importance of Audience Demographics and Interests
  2. Building Blocks of Your Brand Page
  3. Your Posting Strategy


The Importance of Audience Demographics and Interests


If you don’t know who your audience is, how will you find them or help them find you?  Start by looking at their demographics and interests. Knowing these things will make it much easier to build your fan base and communicate with them in a way they can relate.

  • Demographics

Age, gender, income, education, profession, marital status, family size, religion, political affiliation, country, region, state, etc.

  • Interests

Sports they play, books they read, hobbies they enjoy, places they like to hang out at, foods they eat, groups they belong to, etc.

After defining your audience demographics and discovering their interests, compare that data with that of the various social media platforms. Your wisest use of time will be spent on those platforms where your audience is most likely to be found.


Building Blocks of Your Brand Page


Building a strong social media presence also requires careful attention to how you present your page to the world. This means not neglecting to complete your brand profile with the following information:

  • About

Tell people when you started in business, who the owners are, and where you’re located

  • Description

This is a good spot to highlight your industry, what you do in particular, who you serve, and how your products or services might benefit them. Remember to use keywords as appropriate.

  • Mission

Your mission is what drives you. Why do you do what you do?

  • Logo

Help people recognize your brand

  • Verified website

Be sure that if you include your website, its verified. Otherwise followers may get a message implying you might be shady when they try to follow a post or link to your site.

  • CTA (Call to Action)

If you don’t include a call to action, either as a pinned post or as a button, you’re missing out on potential sales.

  • Cover image

What better way to communicate your brand than with a great visual! Use a graphic that sings to your audience and makes them feel at home.


Your Posting Strategy


My first piece of advice is to create your brand page as soon as you’ve decided on a name. Don’t worry that you have nothing to share yet- you can always backdate posts. For now, just get the start of your presence documented.

If you can do so on the platform(s) of your choice, start creating posts before publishing your page. Get a little volume up there before putting yourself out to the world. Nobody wants to visit an empty page.

Always post with a desired outcome in mind. Think, “What do I want this post to accomplish?” If its “likes” you want, post something to which someone would agree. To elicit comments, ask for them! One way is to pose a question or something that begs for input. If you want to get your posts moving around, your best bet is to post an answer or solution to a real problem or struggle your audience has. Many will share your solution in their related groups.

Boosting or promoting a post is a great way to get your content seen. Still, you’ll want to be judicious in what you boost. Consider using content that will reap the greatest return on investment. Since you don’t want to post just for the sake of posting, promote posts that include a call to action, a new offer, a sale, or the launch of a new product.

Building a strong social media presence involves knowing your audience well, ensuring you’ve included all the important building blocks in your page, and finally, posting with intent. Your ultimate goal is to get them to your site…but that’s a topic for another post!

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