The Climber has been around the block a few times

She’s won some and lost some.

This nurse entrepreneur stays current on trends within the industry and works hard to ensure the business not only keeps up, but blazes a trail. Business growth is essential to survival.

New and innovative ways of doing business are explored, while the core product or service is adapted to stay responsive to customer preferences.

Setbacks won’t deter this entrepreneur; she’s seen them before.

Quality networking and collaborations continue to be important. High-level brainstorming, such as masterminds, help this nurse entrepreneur to step out of the familiar and into seeing opportunities with different eyes.

Some Climbers enjoy mentoring nurses new to business.

The Climber may be in the process of:

  • Researching industry trends to stay ahead of the curve
  • Considering or working on new and innovative products and services
  • Participating in high-level mastermind groups
  • Pursuing long term collaborations to tap into undiscovered prospects and reach into new markets
  • Relinquishing some control of the day-to-day operations in favor of more personal time or the launching of new ventures
  • Developing an exit strategy

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


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