Dreamers have some itch or calling to create.

They dream of a more user-friendly device, a better way to get the job done, a more efficient process, or a service that helps others.

Oh, they may still be working in clinical environments, but don’t be mistaken: they’re up late at night, taking notes, watching videos, reading books and forums, and listening to podcasts, all in the hopes of finding their “ah-ha!” niche and product.

The Dreamer nurse entrepreneur seeks information, inspiration, and mentoring for help to narrow down and test all the great ideas in her head. She’s hungry to learn all she can about starting a business.

The Dreamer has yet to start, or is in the process of:

  • Thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Conceptualizing the kind of business to start and what form it will take
  • Identifying the exact niche and audience to serve
  • Setting up all the essentials of doing business: legal, financial, insurance, etc.
  • Developing a product or service
  • Having an offer to present to the world, and clear pricing structures in place

    If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. 


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