From Nurse to Social Media Manager

From Nurse to Social Media Manager

image of Vicky Warren, social media coach and manager
Vicky Warren

The "30 Second Nurse" becomes a Social Media Manager

Vicky Warren, the Social Media Coach for Solopreneurs, spent 10 long years working toward her nursing degree, only to find herself unable to practice. You won’t want to miss this interview where Vicky takes us on her journey from being a “30 Second Nurse,” to storyteller, to social media manager and coach.

What does a nurse who can’t work as a nurse do with her hard-earned degree? Become a social media manager, of course! At least that’s what my guest did.

How Does a Nurse End Up as a Social Media Manager?

The same question might be asked for any non-clinical or non-nursing path a nurse might choose. It’s usually due to burnout, disillusionment, illness, or injury. In Vicky’s case, chronic migraines and a difficult pregnancy led to her decision to leave nursing.

From there, Vicky’s journey took her into medical storytelling, where she found she loved the social media aspect of blogging. Vicky’s research helped her discover that she could craft her own job as a social media manager.

Resources for How to Become a Social Media Manager

In this interview, Vicky shares some of the best resources she’s come across for anyone wanting to become a social media manager.

For training in how to become a social media manager, Vicky recommends the following:

Vicky has her own social media courses you’ll want to check out, too. She provides 1-on-1 Pinterest and Twitter training and coaching. You can find them at her website,

Tips for Managing Social Media Brand Pages

Working as a social media manager requires knowing the tips and tools that make efficient use of your time. Vicky recommends curating content as you travel about online. Basically, this means locating content of interest to a given audience and putting it into categorized buckets for planned sharing. That way, you can have a “stash” of content set aside so you aren’t sitting at your computer trying to create posts one-by-one. 

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Tips for social media managers

In addition to curating content, using post planners to automate social media posts frees you to manage other aspects of your business. The tools Vicky recommends, such as Buffer, Post Planner, and Planoly, do the posting for you once the content has been set up inside “buckets” or categories. You’re able to set up specific sharing days and times inside the scheduler.

Could Social Media Management Be Right for You?

The only way to know for sure is to dive in. Start by posting varied content to your personal accounts if you haven’t taken the leap to open a brand page yet. Do you enjoy sharing interesting articles with your friends? Have you used graphics tools, like Canva, to create your own visual content? Start using free post planners to practice setting up content buckets and automating your shares.

Once you’ve employed these practices on either your personal page, or a brand page you may have, you’ll probably view it as either fun, or drudgery. For  tips on building a brand page, see my blog post, “Building a Strong Social Media Presence.”

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Do you enjoy sharing content on social media?

Is creating, curating, categorizing, scheduling and automating content for social media fun to you? If so, and you like the idea of working with clients, perhaps it’s time to toss your stethoscope in the drawer. You may have just found a career as a social media manager!

Links useful for social media managers

Vicky’s Twitter Training:

Vicky’s Pinterest Training: 

Vicky’s Favorite Social Media Scheduling Tools:


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