Interview with Sarah Mott, RN

Interview with Sarah Mott, RN

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The development of a physical product always seemed so mysterious and complicated to me- until I sat down with this guest!


Sarah Mott is a Registered Nurse and founder of Nurse Born Products, and the creator of the patented Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder.

Watch as Sarah takes us through the process of moving a product from concept to store. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to bring your product to the market once you gather the tips Sarah has to share.

Sarah Mott of Nurse Born Products has an extraordinary story about how she was led down a successful path of providing physical products to healthcare professionals.

Don’t miss this interview if you think you might like to develop a physical product of your own, or act as a retailer for someone else’s products!

You can visit Sarah’s website, Nurse Born Products, here:


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