Following is a list of my favorite tools, apps, and other helps.

Some of the resources on this page contain affiliate links. You won’t pay more by following them, but I may get a small commission, which is great, because I’d hate to go back to working in the hospital!

My fave!

Hands down, Stencil is the greatest app for quick and easy graphic creation and social media posts.

Besides the fact that they offer so many images, fonts, and templates, Stencil is my go-to resource for creating and editing images for my website and emails.


Affordable domain names and SSL Certificates. I prefer to buy my domains separate from my hosting company.

Don’t worry that the name is “NameCheap.” It’s kinda like paying for trash service- why pay someone more for doing the same job?

Camtasia and Snagit by Techsmith

Easy screenshots and screencasts for non-techies!

I love Snagit and use it on a regular basis to grab screenshots and to record video tutorials. You can even upload straight to YouTube from within the app.

Camtasia is a tool for screen recording and video editing. Although I haven’t used this product myself, it gets rave reviews from associates of mine, as well as from the greater online community.

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